Use Sunscreen In Face Care

Use sun screen or sunblock is very important in facial care. Especially for us who are in areas that receive sunlight throughout the year. Sunlight on the hours of 8 am to 5 pm can cause patches of hyperpigmentation on the skin. Preventing the onset of hyperpigmented spots are better and more easily than by addressing the patches that have been incurred.

So, do not ever leave the facial sun screen every day. After cleaning the face in the morning, use a moisturizer to keep skin moist and continue with the provision of sun screen before using makeup daily. Even for that do not like make-up, it could still use a sun screen before the activity. Better not to use a powder instead of not using sun screen. There are special tips for the likes of practicality. Use a sun screen are colored like the color of skin, giving rise to effects such as wear powder!

Though our daily activities are indoors (indoor) does not mean we do not need sun screen. The sun’s rays still penetrate through the glass and into the room, although with smaller intensity compared to outdoors (outdoor). So office workers also still requires daily sun screen for protection. For more outdoors activities (police, traders, etc.), use of sun screen is absolutely necessary, even the use of sun screen should be repeated at least every 3 hours.

What if there is hyperpigmentation? Sun screen should still be used to prevent further hyperpigmentation. In addition action required special care to disguise / remove hyperpigmentation that has happened.

From now on, do not leave the sun screen for the daily care of facial skin.

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